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Robert Parker
Famous Wine Critic – Robert Parker

When we buy wine, we often hear some wine scores, such as RP, WA, WS, JS and so on.

RP = Robert Parker, who is originally a lawyer and started tasting at the age of 20. In 1975, there were  very little specialized information about red wine, so he began writing an independent guide on them. Wine Advocates was born (that is one of the most popular wine evaluation source nowadays).

Parker score, divided from 100 points: the basic 50 points, and then the appearance and color count for 5 points, 15 points for aroma, taste for another 20 points and the final 10 points is the future potential. It is said that RP to 90 points or more, wine prices will rise sharply, otherwise the market will suddenly decline in sales,  it is definitely very influential.